Steamed Chicken Recipe


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  1. ummm,hey hope you dont mind me being personal? but ive always wanted to know,you know when you part your bushy hedgehog down there,is it pink inside like euro woman,you being of asian decent an all? or is it slightly tan in colour?

  2. if u warry bout that use some a teatowle ( clean ofcourse ) or 3 or so layers of cheese cloth around the lid it will absorb a lot of not all the moister…..

  3. Another variation is
    A. Add a tablespoon (add a little more if you want) on the chicken before you steam it.
    B. For the juice or sauce, Add a tablespoon of minced garlic with the ginger.
    C. Add thinly sliced of green papaya and/or pepper leaves before adding the green onion leaves.

  4. j3d3d1ah – When I steam food like this, condensation forms and liquid gathers in the bottom of the dish. No liquid is added manually. The liquid is like a thin stock and it can be used as Haiyan does. Steamed chicken is very delicate and is great with light soy sauce.

  5. Where did you get the chicken water from? I saw you putting the uncooked chicken into a bowl, steam it in the big pot. When you take it out, I see that the chicken is submerged in water. Did you add water somewhere in between that I miss?

    Please advice. Thanks.

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