Steak Oscar Recipe | Fine Dining At Home


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  1. Impressive video recording! Up here at Y&S FOOD! we all love to notice this style of contents. We create Travel & Food films as well, all around the world, and we are constantly searching inspirations as well as good ideas. Thank You.

  2. This plate looks incredible. Every time you made a slice into that steak I was darn near drooling. Perfectly cooked! I’ve always been nervous about making a hollandaise at home but you did an awesome job breaking down the steps. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Rus, I love it when you really play to your strengths and absolutely knock it out of the park. You did just that with this recipe. The improvisation of the Hollandaise sauce was killer. The addition of that fantastic looking Gulf Coast crab meat just rocked. What an excellent looking meal. Wow. Great job.

  4. I like the horseradish idea in the hollandaise sauce. Man, I wish I had been at your house that day. Incredible looking and I'm sure amazing entree. Also glad you escaped from the hurricane. We're getting rain from Florence up here in western NC. The eastern part of the state will take months if not years to recover.

  5. My friend you just hit it out of the ballparkIf you would go to a resteraunt and pay triple,and you wouldn’t have it prepared this well,!I just finished making Korean fried chicken and homage Mac andCheese.I guess I’m off to my butcher ,and fish guy tomorrow,I have to taste this😎🇨🇦👍🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. Hey russ what up buddy. Mannnnn is been a while. To do gone much to watch. Watching all that political crud. I think I'll get back to reg. You tube vids. What up man. You been ok? Gonna have to catch up on the vids.

  7. That looked incredible. I did a prime rib with hollandaise, crab cake, and asparagus a few years back for an anniversary dinner and forgot about it until seeing you make this. I need to try your version! I also love your hollandaise recipe and cold mixing method. I'll definitely be saving this video to my sauce recipes folder. Thank you, Rus!

  8. I just have one question; which 9 YouTube viewers that (apparently have had their taste buds removed) gave this video a thumbs down? Is there a medical term for being 'taste-challenged'?

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