Steak (Beef Steak) Recipe


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  1. just put all the marinade ingredients together and refrigerated the meat…. I know the steaks will taste incredible based on how good the marinade smells…. I didn't have tamarind so I combined some brown sugar and lime juice to substitute…. I've tried other recipes from you so I have no doubt that after the overnight refrigeration, this is going to be an incredibly tender and flavorful steak. Thanks..

  2. last night dinner, every one loved it. thak you so much for sharing this recipe with us. I cooked mashed potaoes with this which i learned from another youtuber Carina sreward.

  3. How is this to much prep?the lady is just putting the ingredients into one bowl…Its called cooking from scratch..It looks lovely and certainly will be trying this out

  4. That steak looks really raw and needs o lot of more cooking time! It's better to cook on a lower heat for longer time then on high heat for shorter time. Although still a great recipe.

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