Steak au Poivre / Modern French restaurant recipe with pan sauce


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  1. I've subscribed to many cooks on the 'Tube'

    Just wanted to say that I truly appreciate finally finding a 1st class chef who clearly knows his onions 🙂

    Look forward to getting the book.

    All the best

  2. It's been a while since I commented on your videos. Served this steak with your hasselback potatoes (and a Malbec wine) last night and it was very well received. I've had steak au poivre a few times, even at one of the best restaurants in my city, but your version is on a different level. Happy New Year's!

  3. Hey again, I want to make it this evening for 3 Persons, so 1 Steak for everyone then. I dont think it will fit in one pan. How can I do the flambée with every steak. Do I have to make every finished steak 3 times and keep the first ones warm in the oven? Greetings from Germany

  4. I think my roommate would kill me if i did a flambe in our apartment because i already set off the fire alarm 3 times and we were threatened to be kicked out. would it be better to take the pan outside and do it there? i mean there should still be a lot of heat in the pan. otherwise is a flambe essential? i know it changes the flavor profile of the dish but how essential is it for this dish?

  5. I am fascinated with your version of Steak au Poivre and I will surely create this soon. My father watched Alton Brown make this dish on his show good eats and my dad would have me make this for him all the time. I have seen a few version that call for the addition of capers. Would I be wrong to assume that adding capers to your version may take away from the concentrated favors?

  6. A great way to make something delicious from a cheap cut. Still better than anything Gordon Ramsey wrote in his books. But I won't have time to cook this weekend because your book arrived a minute ago! Will start reading it now.

  7. I guess I have dementia at 47 because I do have another question…..If I am trying to impress a lady, would you recommend serving the Golden CAULIFLOWER Florets with this dish? To my taste buds, this sounds great, but who knows.

  8. Chef, Ive never had the guts to try this dish, other chefs have said to use the cheapest brandy you can find. no thank you. This really might be the first time ive ever seen this dish cooked were it looks good. I will try this. I only have one question….why do you cover the steak with plastic wrap? I know if you beat the hell out of it, you will have flesh spattered all over your kitchen but you were very gentle with this steak. As always thank you for your time….

  9. Love the idea behind the sauce. Still have some demi glace too, so it'll be on my list this weekend. Wondering; that looks like either a bottom or short loin you are using?. Are "steaks" purchased the way you presented in Russia? Meaning, by a large portion of the loin? What are the choices like compared to the typical American supermarket? I imagine a much more interactive process rather than what is given to you in American super-markets.

  10. That was a great Cook Chef, I love that Dish. I also like old rustic style Dishes, that one there was a beauty.
    I have been flat out at work and traveling to a sick friends home on the weekends so I didn't get into your Book yet. This weekend is a stay home so I will get to reading it. Really looking forward to it.

  11. That looks delicious, Chef! Looks fairly straightforward. I typically cook hamburgers with the butter, shallot, and worcestershire or, if I have time and ingredients, your method which is almost sublime. This isn't too far removed from what I do anyway, so easy enough to fit into my schedule!

  12. I love to see your traditional recipes. Nowadays its common to see modern versions of classic recipes but we don't know were the starting point was. On another note, you are doing great work with less than ideal cuts of meats. Cheers.

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