Stagg Chili Dynamite Chili Con Carne With Pork Habanero & Sweet Fire Chilli Sausages


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  1. Why wouldn't you review spicy food ? What goes better with a beer or a lager …. spicy food of course . It's the perfect marriage. I love it when you review spicy food it's what us blokes want to see you do , yes continue with the beer reviews of course , and as a result of watching you eat those chillie dogs and wedges I'm off to get me some!! Keep up the good work Simon it's what us blokes want !

  2. Hm….. definitely not cooking more warming up.

    The puffy face might have something to do with the shite you put down your gullett.

    For £5 I could feed 4-6 people on that theme. From scratch and that includes the bread – home-made.

    There is nothing complicated about making a chilli con carne so why not have a go?

    I love good and great food from good restaurants but I am also a lover of good home-cooked food using local and natural, seasonal ingredients.

    Why not buy Delia's Cookery course (book) to start and have ago?

    Oh and by the way – cooking from scratch will save you a fortune.

    Win Win.

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