Spinach stew with beef – African Food Recipes


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  1. did it come out spicy? I have grounded pepper that I bought from the store and wanted to know if that's a good ingredient to put in or do the spices you have listed already make the spinach stew have enough spiciness?

  2. "MUAHHH"; I GAVE U A NET KISS. FOR being so beautiful and cooking all those man-hungry and man-filling meals. Please come over here and teach Black American women to get back to there roots and cook good like this;lol. I cannot continue to look and NOT EAT; YOU DIG.

  3. I made this meal yesterday I am Haitian American so I did things a bit way but followed your ingredients as close as possible. I loved it! My husband who is in love with spinach loved it too!

  4. All your recipes look so good and I want to try and make them, but could you tell my what type of beef you are using for the spinach beef stew?

  5. you are am inspiration because of you i want to be a cook
    a djamara bouille , mi deffi curry powder stew apres mi sika ko spinach beaf stew midefata
    From guinea and studying in istanbul

  6. Have you ever considered writing a cooking book? Seriously, I'm sure it will make a great hit. In France, our cooking recipe books are so eurocentered.

  7. I am so blessed to find your channel my husband is from guinea we have been married for 10 years and I don't know how to cook his food he is going to marry me again lol I will cook for him this weekend one of your recipes thank you so much!

  8. Hello Kadi, thank you so much for sharing this recipe I with us, looks delicious, i'm gonna try it tomorrow, for my boyfriend, he loves african food 🙂

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