Spicy Piri Piri Chicken Recipe: Easy and delicious, Nandos Style


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  1. Fantastic cook brotha, I am a SUCKA for Peri Peri Chicken and watched your Sauce video as well… Nando's has crack for chicken and I wanna be able to do it at home! I will also do a video for it and thank you for putting this out there!

  2. Good vid, but two words "poultry shears". They make spatchcocking a chicken so much easier. Oh, and invest in a meat thermometer to save ripping the meat apart. If you're cooking chicken, you want to get the temperature spot on so you're not under or over cooking it. Take it off when the breast is 60Β°C and the legs are 78-80Β°C and leave to rest for at least ten mins. Last bit of advice is to cook seasoned spatchcocked chicken over charcoal with some smoke chips soaked in water. The flavour is immense and the steam keeps the meat moist.

  3. I just made my first piri piri chicken and used nandos piri piri sauce.. OMG why didbt I know about this before Now I need to find where I can get the peppers from

  4. Your recipe videos along with pickling, hotsauceing and everything in between to do with peppers after harvest, are my favourite. Also your video editing is very much on point. Hope to see a lot more videos from you!

  5. Nice! I like the change of pace with the cooking vid. I have 5 of these plant growing right now and they are some of my most productive first-year producers. Will definitely try this recipe out. Any other ideas for these particular peppers?

  6. Can also sous vide it if you have one. 12"x12" vag bags leave that bad boy over night in the frige… then when ready 2 houers at 65c. Pat dry once finished. Then on the bbq for 10 min and you will have some amassing chiken. Love the vids😁 will try it out with some birds eye chili 🌢

  7. I'm really enjoying your channel and love your homegrown approach, with natural fermentation etc. I was surprised you being an African, you did not mention that Piri Piri is actually from the Swahili language and adopted by the Portuguese from Mozambique.

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