Spicy Garlic Lime Pork Recipe “Moo Manao” หมูมะนาว – Hot Thai Kitchen!


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  1. I'm so happy you shared this dish, Pai! I've been wanting to eat this again since I tried it two years ago when I studied abroad in Thailand. Thank you so much!

  2. Hmmmm.. looks yummy!!! I have one question though. I have in my freezer pork chop part with little bones on the side. . But I can cut it into thin slices. do u think i can blanch it also in 15 seconds? Or longer? This really looks yummy and I have all the ingredients! Yaayyy!
    I do have another request, hihi. Could you please make steamed buns with filling? The reason is i have watched sooooooooo many recipes in YouTube and I have made it 7 Times and all just failed…:( I have also searched in your channel If you have steamed buns , but did not find any.. (hoping and wishing)

  3. Just an FYI: Velveting always involves adding an alkaline like eggwhite or baking soda. It increases the water holding capacity of the meat by altering the chemistry of the muscle fibers so that they open up like tiny straws.

  4. looks very good, my wife she is a Thai and she make me the same thank you so much for adding such a nice video i learn allot from you and from Mark wines both of you are great you both make life to be better.

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