Spicy Crispy Beef – How to make Crispy Beef Stir Fry Recipe


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  1. WokMon to the rescue!!  If you are stir-frying, deep frying or streaming. You now can replicate Real "Wok Hei" dishes with my little WokMon! Its also not just for Asian cooking, the heat generated replicates a commercial like stoves! Wokmon flame
      " The Holy Grail of Woking! "  wokmon.com

  2. omg. this reminds me of the Beijing Beef from Panda Express (which is actually amazing for fast food).  Hook it up with some of your char siu fried rice and chicken wings = never have to order out Chinese again! 

  3. Good lord Larry. Where do you get this from? Very tasty my friend. Very tasty, I do have one ? though. Where do you get that cooking wine? I can't find it anywhere. Maybe I'm lookin in the wrong place.

  4. That look delicious! That WOK of yours I'm always amazed at how well seasoned it is, I have several of all different styles and only one is that nicely seasoned. It's also my cheapest to ironically. Keep up the good work Larry.

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