Spiced Brown Chickpea Snack | Gram Bouilli | Mauritian Snack (vegan/vegetarian recipe + subtitle)


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  1. merci beaucoup pour cette recette. Je l'ai essayée, et j'ai été très contente de voir que ca ressemblait beaucoup à ce que je mangeais a Maurice. Cela me fait rappeller surtout au 'Pelerinage Pere Laval', avec les marchands sur le bord des routes vendant toutes sortes de friandises, don't les gram bouilli.. Merci beaucoup!

  2. Thank you for this video.   It gave me so "l'eau à la bouche" that I ordered the ingrdients from England, as there's no indian shops nearby  my village in France. I did this snack twice now and as you said, each time it's the childhood flavour memories that come up !  Have a nice day.

  3. I've watched almost all of your videos back to back. Thank you for introducing me to Mauritian fusion food. The recipes you feature are different and unique from other vegan channels. Feel so blessed for having stumbled across this channel and I'm definitely inspired to expand my repertoire of vegan cuisines. Thank You!!

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