Special Chinese Chicken Recipe!


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  1. mama kat cant cook anything without oil lmao. her daughter in law is very sweet cause to be honest the fact that she said it was her moms recipe and mama kat and to bring up adding garlic and onions to it like fucking a million times was rude as hell. i bet if it was the other way around and someone tried to change her recipe she would not be happy at all. her comments on this video was really annoying

  2. I make exactly the same dish the only difference is I chop a spring onion and fry it with the chilli to flavour the oil & then take it out & I chop the chilli up to add the spring onion & chilli on the top of the chicken when serving it 😘 you can also add a pinch of garlic or ginger to the sauce but I prefer it without

  3. Am I the only one that gets ridiculously excited when Saminah is in a video?

    Also I tried this recipe and loved it- its similar to a dish I make but I substitute the second round of soy sauce with oyster sauce.

  4. Mama Kat, Your cooking is amazing however the camera angles that your cameraman is shooting are no good. See the cameraman should be standing opposite the cook then should show the cooking process by zooming in and out on the fry-pan, pot and food. Also when you and your assistant cook are talking the cameraman should zoom out to show you both talking. Simple but effective. This is how professional cameraman work when videoing professional cooks. Good Luck, David Matherson

  5. Can u plz release the ingredients. Ive been checking this video multiple times everyday to see if the ingredients r posted and they havent been yet. I rlly want to make it and im sure everyone else wants to as well. We cant make it w/o them.

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