Spaghetti with Pork Recipe – Špagety s vepřovým masem – Czech Cookbook


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  1. Nahodou jsem objevila Vase videa, dnes jsem se pustila statecne do nekolika receptu. Nejdriv chleb a pred chvili jsem servirovala tyto spagety. Oboje dopadlo vyborne, manzel byl moc spokojeny, tudiz i ja 🙂 Dekuju a uz se chystam na Vase vanocni cukrovi.

  2. I love your recipes but this really brings me back to my childhood and my aunt creating a spaghetti sauce for me on cold summer mornings before we'd go swimming back in Poland, she used pork too! Do you have a macaroni and cheese recipe? I will check your channel but I bet you can make an amazing one!

  3. This looks very delicious! I like your blue and white plates. Are they Czech? My grandmother was from Czechoslovakia but I didn't get to learn to cook anything from her. Thank you for all the hard work you do making these videos. My son also makes and edits videos so I know how much time and work goes into that.

  4. What is Czech cheese? My grandmother always made spaghetti with beef or pork blades (whatever that means) but still used the Italian seasoning, do you not use the Italian seasoning in yours at all?

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