Spaghetti with cheese and pepper ( cacio e pepe ) – Italian recipe


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  1. I fucked up MY PASTA! I'm really angry!!!! it's my third time it happens, i put 1.2 spoons like in 1:38 to my pasta 450 gram, and + sauce.. the sauce was a liquid too.. and it had soooooo much water down there!!!!!!! no way i'm going to drain that out… it got absorbed and when ever i eat this pasta it tastes like WATER! liquid! and when i get full i fill like i'm full because of water and not food!!! oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! angry

    next time i will put no water to sauce.. maybe littlebit if needed after tasting

  2. I've been in Australia where-like in any other country of the world-you can only find fake Italian food. They put funny nanes that should sound Italian to non Italian Speakers, big Italian flags and write Made in Italy, when evidently the producer has never been in Italy. If I were you, if you do want real Italian food, not the fake one, I'd buy online… Think about it… Bye!!!

  3. I love this. I've already try twice, don't have Pecorino so replace it with Parmesan and adding bacon to it. Fast and simple. But how to prevent clot in cheese? Can I mix the sauce separately and added to pasta later? Thanks.

  4. If you cannot find the right cheese there are some who use a trick by adding some milk to the cheese and water to help dissolve and not create the balls but I never tried that myself so I can't confirm. You can do it without the oil, as in the video, as well. However the secret is the right cheese and the balance between cheese and cooking water, and no romano cheese is not the same as Pecorino Romano because it's from a cow's milk and is more mild than pecorino.

  5. 2. heat up the olive oil (1 spoon for 400 gr of pasta) in the pan and a lot of black pepper. Pay attention to the timing and not burn the oil of course than 2 minutes before the pasta is cooked you put the pasta in the pan add the cream and finish the cooking together – it's very important – and continue mixing. The amido of pasta will blend them together. It's served hot, adding more pecorino and pepper if you wish.

  6. Cacio e pepe is a very simple pasta and for this reason the main ingredient, the cheese is very important. Parmigiano (cow's milk) is not the same thing as Pecorino (sheep milk). The more mature is the better, and it's important also because the Pecorino is salty, as it should be in Cacio e Pepe. The real recipe is the following: 1. while cooking the pasta you mix the pecorino with some water from the cooking water and mix it together until the cheese is dissolved and the cream is formed.

  7. *gasps* I must be adding too much water. I'm also thinking the water isn't hot enough. I understand I wont get it the first few times and thanks for answering my questions. I'll keep trying. Just made some a while ago and I'm getting better.

  8. I add the cheese away from heat source, it's when I start mixing. the cheese collects together. I watched your video again and noticed the mixing is different. Is it good not to mix too much?

  9. It's not a matter of cheese, as parmesan is very similar to pecorino cheese… The secret to making a good spaghetti with cheese and pepper is the right balance between cheese and cooking water: the cheese must be added away from the heat source, then add a little cheese and water at a time until you achieve the right consistency.

  10. Where do you find this cheese and can you use another type? I used Parmesan for my first few times but it seems to be too thick and clumps into a ball. I used an Italian blend my latest time and although softer, I got the same results. What cheeses are best to use?

  11. Well I'm finally getting some fairly good cacio e pepe made. Turned out that my ratio of cheese to water was about right, but I wasn't getting the bowl warm enough. My theory is that the hot pasta water would melt the cheese, which would then resolidify when it hit the bowl before I could get it combined with the water. At any rate, getting the bowl warmer made all the difference.
    Thanks for your video and help, I really like being able to have some cacio e pepe anytime I wish.

  12. Gettin better results since I tried getting my bowl warmer and mixing more vigorously. I'm thinking that the softened cheese was hardening whne it contacted the too cool bowl before it combined with the water. Thanks for your help.
    I was in Rome before the snow and had cacio e pepe 4 times, loved it every time. I am unwilling to wait until I can go to Rome again to have it so I am determined to get this right.

  13. I'm having trouble achieving a sauce. I wind up with slightly milky pasts water and cheese melted to the bottom of the bowl.
    Please tell me what my problem is likely to be.

  14. The translator's accent is so much faker than it is I know she can speak english with no accent shes just trying to sound sexier and more italian but she's not.. By the way the cook is hot I'd do her !!

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