Spaghetti Carbonara (Japanese-inspired Pasta Recipe) 和風カルボナーラ 作り方 レシピ


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  1. I am italian and managed an italian restaurant and your recipe is similar to my original carbonara recipe, except for the sake (I use white wine) and I add chopped onions with garlic (and before adding the egg sauce I throw away the garlic). The rest stays the same. ^^

  2. Thank you for the recipe! I used to think carbonara is hard to make but now after I have watched your video and read some of the comments below esp Italian opinion 🙂 I have changed my mind!

  3. 私はニュージーランドだから生卵がちょっと変だと思います。でも、今日このカルボナーラを作って本当に美味しかったです!ありがとうございます  🙂 (すみません、ぺらぺらじゃないです)

  4. It's a blizzard out there where I am, and I'm planning on making my own version of carbonara. But this time I'm going to cook the bacon in the garlic and olive oil mixture. From my experience, pecorino romano cheese makes for a better texture for the carbonara sauce, so give that a try if you have some available. Good luck in the kitchen!

  5. I must say, your "japanese" twist is more legit than many others carbonara's videos i've found on youtube.
    Ther's maybe a slightly difference between the italian version and this one, but still this is the closest to the true carbonara i've found. Good job, i'm Italian and i totally approve this version, looks fanastic!

  6. I like this recipe, but instead of bacon I like to use leftover bits and pieces of things from the fridge lsuch as the half piece of carrot or random pieces of chicken, two spoonfuls of tuna fish or corn beef.
    Fridge clearing carbonara!

  7. Making some right now. It's the second time I'm making it and had to sub a few things but all in all, it's stuff I had in the house already. It's delicious in a way that is simple and the flavor is mainly aromatic that you taste what you smell HAHAHA. The green onions then makes it really refreshing for something that could be heavy cause it's a pasta. Mmmm

  8. No garlic, white wine and milk are required in the original recipe. Spaghetti alla carbonara for 4 person: 150 gr bacon or pork cheek, 4 eggs,  400 gr of spaghetti; pecorino cheese or  parmesan cheese. At first mix in a bowl the eggs, salt, pepper and the cheese; in the meanwhile fried the bacon without oil; once cooked separate the fat oil and mix the bacon with the eggs;  Cook the spaghetti  in  salted water. After the spaghetti have been cooked, put the spaghetti into a bowl and pour the egg mixture into the bowl. Use only fresh eggs: the heat of the spaghetti will do the rest. Sprinkle some fresh pepper and other parmesan cheese and serve. Good appetite !

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