Spaghetti Bolognese – Italian recipe


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  1. We had lasagna bologna in Bologna and it was so good. But it was nothing like what I had been cooking all my life. It was mild and delicate and delicious and I have been looking for a recipe. I have been cooking this one for a while now and it is really good. But it definitely needs the cooking time to get the flavour. You just can't rush spectacular.

  2. Quite close to the original with some small technical differences (fat rendering at the beginning, and red wine instead of white wine, and minced pork instead of only beef. I found that simmering for longer than 1.5 hours destroys some finer flavours. Wouldn't recommend. Personally, I like to add a splash of balsamico before the reduction step. I also like to saute the mirepoix (or soffrito as it's called here) in goose fat, as a small homage to older recipes calling for chicken liver.

  3. is anybody going to address the 90 minutes mistake for vegetables? I have made this many times and have just eyeballed it, but I'm curious the 'correct' time, as I know it can't be 90. You'd have a paste by then.

  4. How long should the vegetables be cooked for? It says 90 minutes low heat, but that feels like an awefully long time for just cooking the vegetables to me, so is it correct or?

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