Southern Fried Chicken Recipe – Better than Popeyes! | I Heart Recipes


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  1. Love your way of teaching others, and the best of all "you make us feel confortable" What I meant with this comment is that you can teach a whole high school and everybody will keep focus…congrats

  2. You know Rosie tomorrow will make one year that you have been my go to Sunday/ hoilday dinner person I get all my recipes from. Last year it was your gumbo this year I'm going to make your neck bones your fried chicken and the cabbage and your yams.

  3. Yum……….just bought a T-Fal Acti Fry today so going to try this out.

    Can you tell me why the buttermilk helps…..I assume it tenderizes it and if so do you use buttermilk on other meat as well?

  4. I just recently subbed to your channel because of how you explain how to cook things and I like how everything you cook looks so yummy.
    Btw I wanted to know if you know a recipe to making sweet tea. Thanks! 🙂

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