Soufflé Cheesecake (Japanese Cake Recipe) スフレチーズケーキの作り方 レシピ


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  1. I found that at the temperatures and times you have set, and following American farenheit, the cake needs more time than you have prescribed. Also, the measurements of the butter appear off? You appear to put a whole stick of butter in, which would be like something like 7oz? but you say you used 0.7oz. However, isnt 0.7oz just like a sliver of butter? Can you clarify? Thanks!

  2. コージーコーナーのスフレチーズケーキが急に恋しくなって昨日作りました!美味しくできて、周りの人も喜んでくれました。ありがとうございました〜!

  3. the best cheesecake i have made, and also i have ever tried! super yummy. thank you!
    added whipped cream+heavy cream on the top, turned out delicious

  4. I really really enjoyed watching ALL your easy to do recipes. I have a question though, can I replace the sour cream with plain yoghurt for this souffle cheesecake ? Your answer is much appreciated. Thank you and keep new recipes especially Japanese version coming………………………….

  5. at first I thought this channel just a joke……… but for the past few years I really learn something from this channel……… sorry for underestimate at first…… and thank you for very useful kitchen tips….. keep on cooking chef…… I'm always waiting for new video every week……. ganbate!

  6. I tried to make this last night and my cake came out sooo eggy and falling apart. I also had to cook it for much longer and at a higher temperature than what was mentioned in the video. It was my first time making a souffle type cake where I whipped the eggs by hand….can anyone tell me what I did wrong? 🙁 I definitely doesn't taste like a cheesecake at all.

  7. I tried this yesterday but i don't know why even after cooking for the whole time only the top part was cooked and fluffy, the rest was runny and the parchment paper got soaked and some batter went underneath :/ hmmmm

  8. すみません!ちょっと聞きたいまずで私の日本語すみません!
    私はアルゼンチンから来ます、私は日本にすんでいました2012年から2013までその時コンビニで ”北海道チーズケーキ”を買いした、とてもおいしいでした!。
    😀 ありがとうございました!

  9. Help! I can't find a pan that size but I got one that is 23.7 cm (9.33"). How do I make sure the cheesecake will fill to the top? Do I need to double or triple the recipe ? I need help please!

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