SORTEDfood request : Japanese traditional food recipe


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  1. I think I should cook way more japanese style dishes. They often boil their food and do not fry everything. I know that they also fry stuff but almost everything I cook is fried in a pan and I should change that I think. Btw Runny, Tofu is actually getting more and more popular in western countries and while there are people who don't like it, I certainly do. Don't be afraid to show us traditional japanese stuff, that is partionally why we are here! 😀

  2. I'm English and have watched a few of SORTED's video's, but seeing their British humor on here after watching so many videos with Japanese humor in, it really threw me off XD

  3. Hey Runny (or anyone else)! Is there a good substitute for Katsuobushi/Bonito (I don't eat fish) to use and also to make Dashi?! Also, I can't find yakidofu here in Vegas – would regular tofu change the flavor of the recipe that much?

  4. that dish has no name formally but ingredient are really japanese.
    I bet soy sauce ,mirin,sake,seasonning always so japanese and tasty.
    The way of cooking and ingredient close to SUKIYAKI??

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