Smoked,Fried Chicken Recipe


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  1. Hahahaha, Greg. At the end you were stunned by that chicken like you just took an uppercut to the jaw dead center of the ring. You forgot where you were. This made me laugh. You can even see the juice dripping from the bird after you picked it up to eat it.

  2. Those eggs are just too dang expensive for what they are. I was at the hardware store today and was sticker shocked at the prices. Glad people can afford them, just not me. LOL I guess my Weber will forever be my grill.

  3. That looks INCREDIBLE! I remember those days; I think gas prices hit about $4.65/gal. in my area of southern Michigan. I must admit that I cringed when you started to bugger up your fried chicken with a knife, though.

  4. I've been a huge fan of your videos since I found your channel, and your 'dad moment' really made my day! Thats what I hope for in a son someday, and it was quite touching to watch and I look forward to many more of your upcoming videos. From your neighbor up north in Los Angeles, -AlexP.S. The grapefruit sculpin and the watermelon dorado from ballast point are by far some of the best beers I've had 😉

  5. Dude you inspire me. 12:44 Now that's how you do it. I smoked some Cornish Hens yesterday that I rubbed with Goya Seasoning and injected with Asian Sesame Dressing. I definitely gotta try this recipe.

  6. Finally made this chicken. I'll never make fried chicken the same way again. Absolutely delicious. BTW, I did end up brining my chickens for about 4 hours before butchering and smoking. Skin was still crispy and incredible tasting!

  7. Been dreaming of this chicken for two weeks now. Finally, I've got time to get to the store and get all the supplies to make it tomorrow. One question: Do you strain and reserve your oil when you're done frying?

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