SMOKED RASPBERRY CHICKEN – Barbecue Chicken Recipe


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  1. Great show, man… I really like it… Raspberry is always a good choice and it is my favorite desert in any kind.

    Well… a small hint… before you despine the chicken… extract that what the french call the "sot-l-y-laisse" … two small pieces smaller than thumbs but a f***ing real combination of golden-food-porn baby. Two of them fried in blanc de boef with sea salt and fresh grinded pepper… try that and we talk again.

    Anyway… thumbs up, bro!

  2. awesome video the chicken fantastic. I love that you like pushing the envelope what different sauces and rubs. also like the smoker you use on this video. could you do a review all of smoker I really would appreciate that. may you and your family have a wonderful holiday God bless you and God bless America TNT BBQ with the southerners explosive taste

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