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  1. We call those "Iowa" chops here in the Hawkeye state:-). If you are brining, something worth checking is to see if the chop has been placed in a "brine" from the packing house. I know Hormel (Always Tender?) is notorious about that, so if you can find chops that are 100% natural….go with those. For whatever reason, assuming it's to maintain freshness and tenderness, they pack pork in a salt solution, you can taste it in some chops when you buy them. It's kinda like brining a "basted" turkey from the freezer case- already salt added to the meat. And that Montreal seasoning is like magic…I keep a big container of it in my pantry for such occasions:-). The Compart Duroc brand pork you use often is gold as well, you can't beat good midwestern grown pork:-)

  2. Made these this afternoon. Family loved them. The marinade recipe makes a lot of marinade. Only used a little more than half of it. Paired them with some twice baked potatoes on the Daniel Boone.

  3. Malcolm, I tried your recipe tonight it it can out great!!…My crew says it was a 10 of 10..I did brained for 5 hours…used 1 3/4 thick port chops and everything went as planed….juicy even after a 1 1/2 hour cooldown….thanks a bunch for your videos

  4. Awesome video. I'm fixin to to go start my smoker right now. Hopefully be eating some chops in a little bit.
    I always have a tough time with pork. No pun intended. No matter what I've done in the past it's ended up dry and tough.
    Now that I've watched the video I know what to do. Big ole thanks from South Mississippi! BTW, I wholeheartedly agree
    on the Montreal Steak seasoning. I've been using it for years. Can't beat it.

  5. Alright Malcolm I have the chops, brine, your rub. Now it's on!!! I will be smoking on my Treager in about 2 hours. I'll let you know how they turned out. I listen to you on the JT show when you come on Fridays, son you are making me even fatter because of these videos!!

  6. can you please tell me what i did wrong.. I brined for a few hrs then cooked at 250 till internal temp reached 140.. but chops were done in less than 1/2 hr.. they were appr. 1 inch thick, if that, but cooked real quick. am i missing something here?

  7. hey man great recipe definitely gonna try this one just wondering if you have ever been on tv you look really familiar like iev seen you somewhere other than you tube

  8. Thank you for your video! I'm going to do a quick 15 minute brine, then smoke it for 20 minutes and finish on the grill. A little quicker…still will probably be tasty!

  9. Malcom, you do the best job of making everything very clear. You are specific in what you do to include the temperature and duration. You always recap (summary) which seems to bring it all together. Keep on truckin'!!

  10. I'll give you a little tip if you prefer normal cut and not thick cut on meat. Take two and stack while you slow cooking. Sounds obvious but I never see anyone do this on reg cut meat. If you are wanting to low and slow the cook time takes too long for reg cut meat and it tends out dry out so stack for majority of cook and finish off with searing or basting or sauce as you would.

  11. I followed the directions to the T, smoked these chops low & slow today with potato bombs on my weber kettle. They were a huge hit. Had a neighbor come out to investigate so I did the neighborly thing & shared a plate. These were awesome. My wife loved them & that's the most important vote for me. Many thanks to Malcom for sharing this great recipe. Thanks brother….

  12. Hey, Malcolm. Thanks from Australia for your videos. I really like your style. I've followed this recipe today and have 4 chops in the Char Griller using the Minion Method as I'm writing this. I look forward to watching more of your videos mate. Thanks again. Oh, and geez your Yoder is nice!

  13. 145 is way way to fleshy for my liking. I found 185 to be the best texture for my liking as long as your smoking at a cooler temp it is not tough. I smoke my 2 inch chops at 220 for a good 2 hours at that time my chops are about 150degrees. I crank the grill up to 325 to bring them up to 185 about 30 min also get me a good char on the fat. But oh man they are oh so good.

    I am going to try your apple juice brine today though.

  14. Have you ever tried cold smoking pork chops, like you would bacon? I wonder how that would work? I know you can buy smoked pork chops in tne supermarket, but they are expensive. About $8.00 for 4 chops.

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