Smoked Huli Huli Chicken | Recipe


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  1. Great video …. you started it off correctly, u didn't open a package of chicken without washing it off lol…ur approach was very simple, easy and to the point… video was good and clear sound was great as well… well the pellet smoker… I never heard of that brand before… I'm actually putting money down on a yoder 1500 pellet smoker great job

  2. Kevin looks great, I just received my silverbac about three weeks ago can't wait to try this recipe out, keep the recipes coming! I Just found your YouTube videos, need to play catch-up,

  3. Nice cook Kevin. Have you ever checked out the Smoky Ribs channel? Rus has a nice Huli Huli chicken recipe and I'll bet he would like to check out your channel. I'll have to give this recipe a try. I haven't bought the pellet grill yet, but my choice will be the Silverback when the time is right.

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