Smoked Beef Chuck Roast (Pulled Beef) – Pepper Stout Beef Recipe


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  1. Too many times I've heard pull at 195 and rest for both beef and pork. 195 isn't the benchmark. I'ts a good starting point but the eye and fork doesn't lie

  2. Looks amazing as always Larry. I saved this video a while back but never got around to making it. Next time i fire up my WSM this is what I'm making. Where did you get that pan? I like the depth on that. Thanks again!

  3. hey man, that's looking delicious! I'd be happy if you could answer my following question: is there non – alcoholic substitute for the Guiness? I wanna try this recipe out and I can't really wait for it!

    Best regards from Germany

  4. I made this last weekend. It was awesome! My friends who came over were all over me for the recipe. I sent them the link to the video here. Thanks Wolfe Pit! Going to do your Pork Loin recipe tomorrow actually.

  5. I love this recipe.  I cooked a couple chuck roasts on the Kamado Joe this past Sunday.  After five and a half hours it was so tender.  I pulled it and made half into Italian beef and froze the other half for later.  Wonderful flavor.  Thanks for posting!

  6. Nice looking cook.  I have both a Komodo Kamado and a Rec Tec.  Thinking about making this next week for my kids' Birthday Party.  Since you have made this on a charcoal and Rec Tec grills, what are your thoughts on the flavor of each ?  Which created more flavor (smokey) ?  

    Either way, this looks really good.  Thanks for sharing your recipes.

  7. Hey Wolfe Pit, love the video.  question, do you prefer the rec tec over other pellet grills.  I'm in the market and thinking of rec tec or GMG.  I'll be checking out all your videos.

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