Slow Roasted Whole Pork Shoulder


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  1. I was able to get a Pork Loin Roast the other day.. I mistakenly put it in the freezer…now i want to use it.. and it is frozen.. I want to put it in a Slow Cooker.. I had heard you can do this.. What I need to know is.. will it all work out? And the next thing I need to know is.. I want to use part of it for Tamales.. Or maybe the whole thing since it is almost a 3 pound roast.. might need it all for that.. But was thinking of just making a small batch.. It will be my first time making Tamales.. But the other half .. I wanted to shred it up and make Pork Sandwiches.. Am I expecting to much from this 3 pound pork loin roast?

  2. I do pork shoulder typically a 10-12lb one in my oven for 4 hours and its done at 300 degrees. But i put it inside a clay pan with a clay bowl that covers the whole thing. Comes out amazing!

  3. Hi there, I have a 5.5 kg boned unstrung pork shoulder for a party Saturdat. I am a little confused how long to cook for. Is your video saying 6 hours , then an additional 12 hours ? All at 275 ? (135 c )
    Jamie Oliver video says very high temp for 45 mins, then 4 to 5 hours cooking at 130. His & my piece are smaller than yours. You say 17 lb so at 1 hour per pound I guess it was 6 + 12 then ? If mine is ~11 / 12 lb then by your ,ethos should be 12 hours. What do you think of Jamie Oliver's technique ?
    Your roast looks amazing. Will the meat just fall apart & pull away. Will it be so soft you can shred it. That's what I want, I don't want it so I have to carve it into slices, I want it to fall apart. Would appreciate your advise ( from Down Under ) 🇦🇺
    Thank you,

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