Slow Cooker Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup Recipe (牛肉麵)


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  1. I love your recipes. Tried two of them with such success. But trying to pause for ingredients n measurement in the video is such a pain in the neck. Maybe you can consider listing down your ingredients in your description. Please n thank you

  2. Word of Advice: The music is so annoying. Can you lower the volume when you speak. The music overpowers your voice. Maybe eliminate music all together or lower it…but it cannot be at the same auditory volume as your voice.

  3. It's been a cold rainy summer in the northeast and I was craving something like this! Thank you for the recipe it looks amazing! I made my own noodles (it's super easy!) and it turned out GREAT

  4. This Asian chick knows what she is doing…any guy would marry her in a heartbeat as food is the way to a man's heart!… and she has an EXCELLENT presentation. Excuse me …I'm HUNGRY!

  5. Hi Angel / everyone,

    I've been looking for Taiwanese rice wine a lot and couldn't find it neither in Flushing, NY, nor China Town in NYC. Maybe I wasn't searching the right places…
    Do you, or anyone else here know where can I but Taiwan Mi Jio in NYC??

    Thank ya'll!

  6. Lived in Asia for many years and really missed this dish. As I just purchased a new slow cooker I thought I'd give your recipe a try. Followed everything exactly and the end result was absolutely delicious. Thanks so much for posting 🙂

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