Slow Cooker Red Curry Beef Pot Roast – Spicy Braised Red Curry Beef Recipe


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  1. Made this tonight. I thought it was great, wife called it a "B+" (but licked her bowl clean ha~!). 1.8# roast on low for about 7 hours, ideally forkable and quite delicious.

    I did add the vegetables directly for the last 2 hours of cooking. Probably a pound each of potatoes and carrots I pulled from the garden and cut into thumb-sized pieces. The carrots were a sweeter variety and I could have eaten a bowl or two as a side honestly. Something about the curry sauce with the sweet carrots was just a great balance.

  2. had some leftover braising liquid because I have a baby sized crock pot.

    added some leftover rice noodles I had to the leftover curry sauce. Holy macaroni, Amazing!! can't wait to see how the beef turns out.

  3. I made this over the weekend. It is DELICIOUS! Perfect timing too because, it was a rainy weekend, so it was nice to eat it over some rice. I left the grease in though. I have no issues with it.  =)

  4. I was wondering.. what are some ways I can enjoy tomatoes. I absolutely despise them. I can't stand them but I know the roll they play in your diet. anything with chopped tomatoes is a major foodey turn off for me.

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