Slow Cooker Pork Roast and Subs (Episode 1)


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  1. Eh…this recipe didn't turn out good to me. I just ate this…it had practically no flavor at all and cutting some of the fat off the bottom made it tougher and dry, even after 8 hours. Cooking it with just water made it all taste like meat and veggies simply slowly boiled in water. Sorry, this was pretty disappointing. Next time I'm gonna sear the meat the way I do with beef roasts and use some flavored broth or stock to cook it in with something to thicken it. Maybe then it'll be more palpable.

  2. Looked good!  My husband and I talked about doing several dishes witht he left over..everything from stir fry to spagetti with the pork meat in the sauce instead of beef .  Thank you for the suggestions and rub..I had everything but th thyme .  Making it in the slow cooker saved me alot of time tho ..(grin)

  3. Hey, Ange. Thanks. I love slow cookers, as well. This recipe, I have to admit, was really good. Give it a try and let us know. Hope all is well with you. How was the pizza at your moms?

  4. Fabulous dave! I love my slow cooker and would be lost without it as it's saved my life many times lol. Thank you for this video, I'll be using your recipes and technique.

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