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  1. My family loves a version of this soak chicken over night in about cup and a half of vinager and half cup sugar and italian spices . Take it out in morning and cook any way you prefer, slow cooker or oven or fry with no oil on a grill pan. Ok not good for you with all that sugar but boy they love it…

  2. 1st 1 bottle of your favorite Italian Dressing You joking??????
    Italy we have only two salad dressings: 1)olive oil + lemon juice and 2)olive oil + vinegar and if we want to make your dressing extra fancy then we use balsamic vinegar or once in a while mustard. It is a very rare occasion to see a Italians dress his/her salad with something else

  3. I've tried this from watching this video, and it is very good! I still have my Christmas tree up!! But it's artificial and has white lights on it and is so peaceful to look at, so I'm keeping it up for a while. I think white lights are wonderful any time of the year. Today I'm making Italian chicken again for my family. I really appreciate your sharing the recipe'.

  4. I didn't have a bottle of Italian dressing so I just added some olive oil, garlic vinegar, some water, pepper, salt and a little spike seasoning and I actually had 5 chicken breast (frozen) in my crock pot on high for a little over 6 hours. I'm not a great meat cooker since I eat mostly vegetarian meals but my grown son likes to eat chicken, so I cooked him this recipe, with a few alterations as mentioned, a few times now, and my son loved it! Thank you for sharing your recipe, I don't know what I would have done without it! πŸ™‚ Also, I was able to put the cooked chicken in a gallon sized zip lock bag and my son just gets it out of the fridge and heats up however much chicken he wants to eat. He's on a body-builder diet and chicken is a big part of the diet.

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