Slow Cooker BBQ Easy Recipe | Pulled Pork BBQ Tricks


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  1. @BarbecueTricks I'm tempted to use a custom BBQ paste all over the pork shoulder. It'll act as a rub and then could be combined with the liquid at the bottom to make BBQ sauce. Just an idea I was toying with in my head.

    So far, I've been REALLY happy with using a dry rub, letting it set up in the fridge over night, and then doing exactly as you've done here and let it cook low and slow with NO liquid. Comes out awesome every time.

  2. a friend of mine saw this and told me she adds the sauce at the beginning with the meat. You'll want to drain a lot of the liquid at some point.
    Onions are optional… but looking back i'd watch over mixing and shredding. You still want a bit of texture at the end.

  3. No – it "created" it's own liquid. I'm sure you could add a bit of water at the start and drain all the liquid later… but we started with no added liquid.
    It was probably tender a lot earlier too… check after 12 or 13 hours.

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