Slow Cooked Bacon Cheddar Ranch CHICKEN Recipe


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  1. I subbed out the mushrooms, and just put in a full onion instead. I also did a pack of fully cooked turkey bacon (cut into slices) instead of bacon bits.

    I'll let you know how it comes out. 😋

  2. Great recipe! What would you say is the best method doe accurately tracking macros and serving sizes when cooking dishes in the slow cooker like this? Do you suggest weighing out all the cooked food and dividing it up by gram and then using the total macros to figure out the macros per that amount of weight?

  3. I love all of your recipes! This is the fourth one I've tried so far in the slow cooker.  Again, you are a life saver! No more struggling "what's for dinner"  Great job and THANKS!

  4. Made this last night.  Flavor is absolutely awesome….tastes very UNhealthy actually, which is good.  Might came out pretty soupy though, and I'm wondering how thick its supposed to come out.  Hard to tell from the video.  I think maybe 6 hours was a little too long in my crock pot because even the chicken was starting to fall apart and shred at the slightest touch.  Think I'll check the chicken at 4 hours next time.  Thanks and keep it up!

  5. This is a general question for all your videos, you know you recommend it makes 8-10 servings. Do you have 2 servings of what you make a day and then put the rest in the freezer? So perhaps leave 4 servings out and put 4-6 in the freezer? Just a general food prepping question. I'm never quite sure how to do it whenever I cook in bulk

  6. I enjoy your recipes ! I just made a high protein brownie, one of your recipes and it turned great ! My husband will definitely enjoy your slow cook bacon cheddar ranch chicken ! Thank u for your videos !

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