Slimming World Pulled Pork Recipe


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  1. I went to tescos earlier to buy ingredients for this. I just watched your vid, its now 22.13 and just run down stairs and prepared it all and now its in the fridge waiting. Thanks for your vid.

  2. This looks delicious! I will definitely be trying this out. I cooked a pork joint in the slow cooker the other day but was stuck with ideas of what sauce to do with it! What did you serve the pork with?

  3. Gosh this look sooooo nice!!!
    Going really want to try this on Sunday. Not sure on the vinegar though, Hayden is allergic to barley so not sure if that's in Balsamic vinegar I think It is from memory… I wonder if lemon would work too. We'll have to see.
    Thanks so much for this beautiful x

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