Slim & Healthy Winter Tips | FullyRaw Vegan + Smoothie Recipe


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  1. An important issue is just because the food is raw doesn't mean that the food needs to be cold. I rarely put my salads in the refrigerator at work because it may not be there because I work in a large hospital with hundreds of people on staff. My food is in a lunch bag in my locker which is locked so therefore I don't have to worry about it. A secondary issue which was apparent last week when the northern US had severally cold temperatures was make sure the clothing next to your body is dry as much as possible. And lastly, getting proper rest and sleep will allow your body to tackle a great deal.

  2. I loved this video, it was highly encouraging! I live in Wisconsin, we just came off subzero weather and I want to go more raw, in spite of the frigid temperatures. As a family, we do hope to move south one day, hopefully sooner rather than later but I figure if I can become more raw here in the cold, I can be raw anywhere! Thank you for your always inspiring videos! You are amazing!!!

  3. I live in cold winter area too. It's like commenters don't have heated homes or clothes to warm them if they're cold.
    Let your frozen fruit thaw first. Warm it in a long blend or 20 minutes in a dehydrator at raw temps. Pull your produce out of the fridge early in the day so it's not cold by the time you're ready up have them.
    If you want to be raw you'll find ways instead of excuses.

  4. I eat raw all year long, and I live in a very cold climate. Today is warmer than usual, it's actually 39°. I live in very high altitude 1,365 feet. In the winter I have a tendency to eat a lot of spicy foods. Today I ate a raw vegan pizza with spicy peppers on it.

  5. Thank you. I find this helpful. I kept drinking hot water over vegetables to keep warm and it helps me keep hydrated but now you mention working out first thing and more hugging, I'm going to try that 😊

  6. those rings gotta be so dirty! i've seen her flip food wearing them . i think some vegans mistake the word "vegan" for "eternally clean ".. because even vegetables can carry the worst pathogens if not handled the right way

  7. Are you really gonna stay raw FOREVER? Why though?:)
    I feel like you might be scared that your Heath will go back to how it was. But it won’t. Remember it wasn’t just the raw element of it all that healed you, it was just taking all the crap out of the diet.
    You really will die of malnutrition if you never allow your body other foods soon enough. Just because something seems or looks like a good thing, doesn’t mean it is in the long run.

    Or are you scared of feeling like you can’t leave this lifestyle because you’re build a whole job around it? I understand that must feel so hard and like such a trap. But I guarantee people will not leave you here on YouTube or wherever, if you say you eat other things. Because that does not take away from how healing fruits and veggies are. But this advise of eating raw in the winter and generally all the time is NOT responsible of you to advocate to other people.
    Maybe YOU feel great right NOW. BUt what if in six months you realize how wrong you were about it all and now you’ve told thousands of people things that has lead them to suffer health problems.
    Just for the love of others, be careful what you preach and I hope you realize soon enough how deprived you actually are.

  8. How in the world would you promote a clean environment, selling/giving free reusable straw to eliminate the plastic ones… WHILE USING EVAMOR WATER IN PLASTIC BOTTLE. ???

  9. I was about to purchase some 100% mascara this morning, but it has honey and bees wax in it ugghh 🙁 i thought they were vegan? Its listed as Cera Alba 🙁 soo hard to find a vegan mascara that doesnt burn my eyes

  10. There is a Swiss raw food chef named Urs Hochstrasser and he also makes warm raw soups. They are not hot, because otherwise the ingredients would die. But they taste delicious and warm you up.

  11. You consider that having a bowl of steamed veggies or soup, or a warm drink in winter is " making an excuse for not taking care of our body properly?" And what is bkini body ready?? EVERYONE is ready to wear a bikini and should do so regardless of their size. This is promoting an eating disorder and pseudoscience

  12. Wow she has aged! Raw vegan! What a freaking stupido Idea!! I want to see her when she is 60. I looked utter shite when vegan. Im vegan no More and much happier.

  13. Kristina you live in Texas your kind of cold winters is not the same as the cold winters in the north. I live in Canada and temperatures are under freezing point. So people like the soups teas and warmer foods. So I don’t think you understand how cold different people get!

  14. "Just because it's winter time doesn't mean you have an allowance to not take care of your health" you say this like raw veganism is the only healthy diet in the world, which is simply not true. In fact, there are plenty of diets far healthier for you. Copious amounts of fruit sugars that you have eaten over the past 13 1/2 years will have done some damage; whether this is visceral fat, fat within your liver etc. There's really no need to be raw vegan. I commend you, Kristina, for improving your diet over the past few years. Increasing the amount of fat and protein your eating and reducing the amount of fruit will have really helped. However, I do wish you wouldn't promote this as the worlds healthiest diet, or the worlds ONLY healthy diet, as this is simply not true.

    edit: also, smoothies are not a health food. The huge sugar content, the reduction in fibre due to the breakdown of the fruits etc. We recommend that individuals do not consume more than 150mL fruit juice/ day due to the sugar content and the depleted nutrition.
    source: I'm a dietitian 🙂

  15. Thanks Kristina!
    U say it is winter by u and u are Sommer Dres, by me it is really cold, impossible 2 run like this around .
    Are the flowers behind u real?
    Beautiful colors . .I'm not buying cut flowers anymore. I don't want 2 hearth them.
    Love 2 u

  16. Thanks for the channel, my son hip me to you, and now I have adopted the life style by looking at your videos over and over again. I'm working on not over eating, but I been raw since may 16th 2018, I love it.

  17. Lady, stop it. You look and I am not exaggerating 10 years older than you are. I am shocked that you are just 4 or 5 years older than me. The diet you are promoting is making people unhealthy. Your whole vegan agenda is crumbling down because people are waking up.

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