Singapore Stir-Fry Noodle Recipe (Chinese Style Cooking)


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  1. Mee Hoon fried in Singapore.
    Not Singapore Mee Hoon. Even Singaporean don't know the original recipe and where it is created.
    Most Chef just simply fry the noodle in Cantonese style and they thought it's created in Hong Kong…
    No it isn't…

  2. I must say the noodle dishes featured here, soup or fried are not Singaporean style at all. Hence they're not authentic and it's clearly your own style of noodles with a South East Asian twist. Also the type of noodles you used here is different too. I reckon the thin rice noodles you used is actually 冬粉 mung bean noodles which we sometimes fry with crabs and it's difficult to digest so we don't eat it often. Instead we eat rice vermicelli or bee hoon 米粉 commonly. Adding some curry spices to your cooking does not simply make a dish Singaporean. The spices we use in a dish are far more complex and unique, thanks to the influence of our multi-racial society, culture and heritage.

  3. Sorry, I meant to say that we don't add curry powder into the noodles. Curry powder are commonly used by the Indian people here in their dishes. Some new fusion dishes may work but not curry into noodles!

  4. Hi, LOL, the first time my hubby & I tried Singapore fried noodles in Suzhou & Shanghai where I lived for a few years, we didn't know whether to laugh or cry. It was fried with curry powder! It also happened in Sydney, Australia, where we lived for 2 wonderful years! Apparently, the Chinese chefs think that we Singaporean people cook our noodles but they were wrong. And we don't add sliced ginger into the stir-fried noodles. So, perhaps, this cooking method is your recipe but not ours. Nonetheless, thank you so much for thinking of cooking a noodle from my country.

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