Sinabawang Corned Beef


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  1. Thanks sir! Hanap talaga ako ng mga recipes gamit mga de lata. Sobrang makakatulong nito lalo na sa mga nagtatrabaho sa siyudad at mabilis pa iluto. More recipes sir. God bless!

  2. You should try it with mustard greens and tomatoes instead of potatoes. In HI, we also cook it with cabbage. With both, we used fish sauce instead of sea salt. You should give these two a try, but my favourite will always be the one with mustard greens and tomatoes🍅 cuz it was my paternal grandmother’s recipe and ever since then, I cook it her way.

    The cabbage was my bestie’s recipe which is also good – it’s what Irish serve on St. Patrick’s Day but only in the US. In Ireland, they serve it with lamb or bacon. But my bestie uses fish sauce on hers cuz she like the taste of my corned beef with mustard greens and tomatoes with fish sauce better LOL.

    Wow!! ChiTown is one of my hometowns where I spent half of my childhood there. I have 3 hometowns cuz my father is a Navy veteran. Can you try to cook some Chicago food for us like the deep dish pizza?? I used to eat UNO pizza all the time growing up there and I love bacon and veggie deep dish pizza. But preferred vegetarian more but everyone else wanted to add meat. It’s either pepperoni or sauce. So, I chose bacon cuz I can’t see them LOL.

    Please add English sub cuz I’m kinda getting tired of relying on my eyes to get what you’re cooking. I’m not Filipino though I like 7 Filipino cuisines and can cook 4 only. Anyone who grew up in Cali and HI will definitely learn bout Filipino cuisines since we have lotsa Filipino restaurants everywhere. I will surely appreciate it cuz it’s time for me to learn more. I love Dinigoan but not the one with animal organs.

    The Filipino restaurant nearby cooks it with pork loin cuts. Sadly, pork and animal blood are against my Jewish belief/religion, but I can’t help liking that dish. I just don’t tell my mum LOL. It’s not like I eat a lot of it. Only once or occasionally twice a year tops since Filipino parties always serve that dish and then, I seek atonement after.

    You wanna know the 4 Filipino cuisines I can cook?? I can cook Kare•Kare but I use only Kosher ingredients and real peanut butter, freshly grounded. I also can cook ginger chicken, Ground Sirloin and potatoes and Sinegang Salmon. I had to improvise plenty to fit my diet. I know how to cook chicken adobo but I am not fond of chicken or any poultry dishes. I always put a lot of ginger in my Ginger chicken cuz it’s the only way I can hide the strong scent of the chicken. It’s actually the scent that I can’t tolerate when it comes to cooking chicken or any poultry dishes. Ginger chicken is such a perfect and healthy soup to eat when you’re sick, don’t you agree??

    Please please add English sub. I surely will appreciate it and it will also be easier for me to share your channel to my non-Filipino friends who also enjoys Filipino cuisines and sweets like me. ALOHA&MAHALO🤙🏻☺️❤️ and my name is ZeEa

  3. i prefer more yung mas maraming sabaw, more water, mas ok sya pag mas marami ka pakakainin then for me mas malasa, since gradeschool lage ko sinasabawan corned beef ko, yung iba ayaw, kaya ako lang din halos umuubos haha, mas pabor

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