Simplified Airfryer Recipe • Chinese Roast Chicken 五香烤鸡 Perfect Roasted Chicken! Oven Friendly


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  1. Tried this recipe today. It's just awesome. The chicken is so tasty and the meat is moist on the inside too. It is the best roast chicken I have tasted by far.
    It's no exaggeration, you need to try it. Thank you Spice and Pans.

  2. sir I'm planing to do roasted chicken business by joint Go Food. I just wondering if do not sold out, can I just put it on the frezee and heat it up again on the oven for the next day before sale it. I mean just heat it up 10-15 mnt before delivery to customer. please any best suggestion I would like to hear. thank you

  3. Hi Roland I m a big fan of yours.. watched so many of your coming videos. can I ask if I use the oven instead how long should I bake? Also for oven there are a few more you can use, I always wanted to ask which mode shall we use when I see the recipes .. the videos usually only inform the temperature and duration but not the mode. Can u share more about the different modes and the outcomes .. greatly appreciate that ..

  4. Ok Roland, or Mrs Roland I’m not sure where to get such a tiny bird but I’m going to try this with one about twice as big that has been marinating over night. My only worry is browning the skin while it’s still undercooked inside. Tempted to put in the instant pot for a few minutes. I will let you know how it comes out!

  5. I love literally everything about your videos. They make me feel like I'm cooking with a good friend in their cozy apartment. Thanks for sharing these recipes.
    I wish you visit mine as well to relax and unwind💕thank you.

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