Simple Ratatouille | French Guy Cooking


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  1. Made this tonight and added sausage to my wife's plate so she would eat it. I served it over quinoa and she actually finished her plate! I like how this was a fairly minimalistic recipe and it really can be thrown together and be totally fine in 30 minutes give or take. Thanks again!

  2. Hi, Alex, I made this twice. One strictly followed your receipt, the other with a little ground meat and 1/4 tablespoon of butter. And blind tested with my family. They all voted for the meat and butter version. The eggplant enhanced the smell of the butter very well. Thank you for your daily, down-to-the-earth, practicable receipts. I'll try to make your receipts as much as I can. Thanks again.

  3. I am a real carnivorous but one dish that I never ever get fed up eating daily is this – ratatouille and yeah the other one is Aviyal – another mixed veggie with grated coconut.

  4. I think ratatouille gives a really disgusting texture in your mouth when eating it. They get al soggy and soft and then falls apart in your mouth. Ew. However if you throw it in the blender add a boullion cube and serve it as a soup it's delicious.😋

  5. I can't be the only one who thought of the movie throughout the whole video?! One of my favorite movies ever! Great recipe btw, especially for someone who loves vegetables like i do!

  6. I just made this but used normal chopped canned tomatoes (+fresh ofc) instead of the fancy canned plum tomatoes. I must warn you guys and urge you to spend the money on the real thing, my ratatouille became a little too liquidy (if that's a word) with the cheap chopped tomatoes.

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