Simple Jamaican Curry Chicken Recipe by Keith Lorren


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  1. Almost 7 years later n i jus made this. When I tell u ya good!!!! I adjusted it jus a lil ca I'm from Guyana, and it is going down as I type. Thanks a bunch for ur video!!!! Great job!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💚💚🇬🇾🇯🇲

  2. Hey Chef I love what you're doing I learned a lot from you cooking is something that I love from younger age I just create my YouTube page check me out on help me out to grow it I appreciate

  3. you have to check the videos b4 posting you called this Jamaican curry Caribbean curry even coconut im sure people still got it looks good im sure it taste the same keep it going

  4. that curry gravy looked the bizniz though, iyah! Perfect consistency 👌 U brave whizzing up the entire scotch bonnet with seeds. Personally, in a pot that size, I would've de-seeded half/most of it, but other than that, it looked AMAZING!

  5. I can say that this actually the best Jamaican curry chicken recipes on youtube even over the Jamaican people on here. I have been making this for over 3 years and it has been the best. thank you for making this video

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