Simple Italian Recipe for a Delicious Pepper Steak | Kitchen Boss


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  1. soak the meat for 1-2 days (over night is fine) for a stronger taste , phillyboyjaycookingshow (a youtube guy) who does a chinese style pepper steak I've been making for about a year, 50% dark , 50% regular soy sauce for the 3tb is one of the big differences and i've given it to 10-15 people and not a single plate had food on it how good it is.

  2. it is a Chinese dish which he is trying to call a steak, rice needs to be washed before cooking, appears cheese has been added just for the heck of it, but he is a famous coooooooooooook

  3. So….was the pepper supposed to be the "spicy" ingredient he put in the dish? Or was that just like…a description for the pepper steak dish?…I'm confused a little…

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