Simple French Macaron Recipe – #6 – The Scran Line


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  1. I've always had a hit and miss wit macarons and I tried your recipie this past week and made 3 batches. All smooth, No hollow shells, tasted amazing. Thank you so much it is now my go to recipie and I've become way more confident in making them.

  2. Help me about the OVEN SETTING please. I have two types of fan setting. One is "just fan", and the other is "fan+top+bottom (all three at the same time)". Which one should I bake with? And 180C looks a bit scary 🙁

  3. Great tutorial! Question.. when trying to make a light blue macaron, I have found it turns slightly green because of the yellow hint in almond meal. Any suggestions for getting the right color? Thanks !!

  4. is there any reason for an Italian meringue vs a French one? Because every recipe I've seen and tried before this used a meringue with egg whites and sugar, no heating just beating

  5. Hey Nick, just a question, after I took the macarons out of the oven, they still stick to the baking paper. Not the kind where you need to gently pry it off the baking paper but where after prying off the baking paper, a huge bottom part of the macaron is still stuck to the baking paper, why does this happen? I tried baking it a longer time but it still happens 🙁

  6. thank you for the very detailed tutorial. i love making macarons, but they are very finicky. sometimes i am successful and other times i am not. i want to try your recipe. question, sometimes the feet do not form…why is that?

  7. Can't say it better! I have made about 15 times the recipe, and only about 3-4 times they turned perfect. It is all about temperature and macaronage. Thank you for the tutorial.

  8. I've had the same experience. My first time they turned out perfect, next 20 times they were a flop! Ever since I switched to the Italian meringue method they've always turned out perfect.

  9. The only thing bothers me in perfecting macarons is that its alwaya not glossy and the colors isnt tense enogh. By watching lots of you tube videos i think that resting macarons before baking makes them pale. I am stell not sure about that but i am going to try not to rest them next time. I fond also that when the feets isnt perfect you have to double your pans and it really works.

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