Simple Chinese Black Pepper Beef Stir Fry Recipe


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  1. I like when the green onion or white onion fell out of the wok, the camera cut and then it was gone. Totally added it back to the wok and didn't want anyone to see. I would have added it back too. Can't be wasting onions

  2. I don’t think you seared your meat properly cause you tried to separate it in a single layer, no chance for steam to escape so it’s boiled not seared, at least you should poke holes in that layer, separating your meat doesn’t mean keeping it in a thin layer with no space in between pieces

  3. I ❤❤❤ your videos. I checked out your website to see if you sell Chinese cleavers but I see you don't. I live in the U.S. (Pennsylvania) and I'd like to purchase a quality Chinese cleaver. Do you have any suggestions? I realize you are busy, but I hope you can find the time to get back to me.

  4. I loved this stir fry, was my first time using oyster sauce and it really does give it that rustic savory flavor. I couldn’t find the pepper sauce or light colored soy sauce though, I’ll have to check my local Asian market for those.

  5. I made this 5mins ago, it’s awesome, I used a flat bottom pan on an induction stove, took about 7mins .
    Thanks again for sharing this recipe. I can tell you it’s much better than Mac Donald’s

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