Simple Chicken Parmesan Italian dinner recipe.| chicken recipe | The best ever


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  1. I love how u cook with your nephiew man. When my nephiew gets his things together like I'd like him to. I wAnt to do the same as u! Keep up with the recipes chef! Delicious man

  2. Another one in my que to try ..and I will take your suggestion on the Henckel knife.  I have one just like yours in my Amazon cart… thanks !! Keep on a cookin'…

  3. Hey Daddy Jack,
     Love your videos man. Cause it really is simple to make awesome food. I do it for my wife all the time and she loves it. I'l be watching all your stuff. 
    Peace Brother

  4. Hey Partner I'm down with your technique. From West coast so Italian has been watered down a bit i think it's the east coast Mexican food as out is over here so I love it. What's the floor mix u first put out on before the bread crumbs? I'm always learning from u do appreciate it bro.

  5. I made your recipe last night Chef, and I gotta tell Ya, IT WAS A BIG HIT!! I paired it with spaghetti Olio  and wholey macaroni ….thank you chef for sharing your knowledge

  6. Again…amazing food the master makes..I wanna make rice balls with the left over chicken I made last…even at 515am…I guess I will awake the girlfriend to the aroma of Chaplins…Blessings..Chris

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