Simple Celery Soup Recipe


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  1. I use this soup to replace the canned soup from the store that is used in my favorite tuna rice casserole. I also use cooked rice in it rather than the called-for instant rice – I cook 1/2 brown rice halfway, then add the other half as white rice to cook almost completely. You take the rice, the soup, some chopped pimiento, salt and pepper, some onion powder or dried chopped onion, one or two cans of tuna, cook it in a casserole, yum! Just be sure when you mix it up you have a thick consistency of all the ingredients so it comes out firm enough when done. Then cover in a casserole and cook at 350 approx 25-30 mins, then top with shredded cheddar, and a bit of paprika, cook for 5 more minutes uncovered, and let it sit a little, then serve. It goes well with cooked, parsley-buttered carrots as a side dish, or a salad with tomato. I like to add some defrosted, frozen peas to the mixture before cooking, or sliced olives, it depends on what you like. I'm sure you could also use chicken in place of the tuna, cooked, or canned, or use fresh chopped onion, garlic, etc. I don't care for garlic much, it severely annoys my stomach. If I do want to add garlic I will just use a couple dashes of powdered form for taste.

  2. Dear Titlis 1000 tak ,I have a garden full of Celery that because of the cold summer here in Denmark is not really good enough to eat raw.Another great and easy recipe especially the bit about not needing salt 🙂 Best wishes

  3. thanks to u and to ur amazing celery soup..i tried to make it last night dinner of my employer(kuwaiti),,,
    im glad bcoz they said…AMAZING UR CELERY SOUP.!!!GOD BLESS U..muwahhh…

  4. It was a little bit wacky but I loved it and I think the soup will be scrumptious soup. You are right about the salt also. I often forgot to add salt to my eggs when scrambling them or cooking them over medium but to my surprise the eggs seemed to have their own natural salt I don't know where it came from but it was not the cooking oil still my eggs were salty enough. Learning this little tidbit I seldom salt things I cook. If only I could train myself to eat at home I think I would be better off. Great video and I subscribed.

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