Simple Braised Pork Belly |


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  1. You cook Asian food the way I do. With all that soy sauce there is NO need to add more salt! I have a question. I have seen people substitute the rock sugar for dark brown sugar, which is used in allot of Asian dishes, but this one doesn't feel as though that added molasses flavor of the brown sugar is warranted. Can you use pure cane sugar as a substitute for the rock sugar? I know it still contains molasses but it has less of it.

  2. YAAAAAAS! I'm a student in London right now but I'm originally from the Philippines. I was looking for a recipe that reminded me of Adobo but didn't have the vinegar! This is perfect!

  3. Hi Chris always looking forward to your videos from Julie alexis T&T please shout back to me in one of video., thanks all the best to you & your family for the season bye.

  4. Very nice, very similar to a dish we make at home, but we season with 5 spice instead of ginger. also use similar ingredients for a thinner sauced version with the belly of pork supplemented with hard boiled eggs and deep fried tofu, which we serve with pickled cabbage or pickled raddish.

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