Silvanas/Sylvanas Recipe with (Swiss) French buttercream | Sylvanas ba o Silvanas?


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  1. Hi po. I tried making it but I failed sa buttercream πŸ˜” is it because partially my butter was melted?? Dapat lang po b soft sya regardless if cold pa an butter? Pls help..πŸ™πŸ» what I did i put first the buttercream sa fridge pra mag soften sya

  2. oh my gosh it's our favorite ❀️ thank you so much and I really admire you and your family πŸ‘ really good job ❀️ stay safe always 24/7 and I may not always write comments but I do appreciate all your shared food recipes I wish I'm there so I can literally taste it hahahaha anyway thank you for sharing good simple recipes GOD BLESS YOU ALL πŸ˜‡

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