Shukto Recipe—Bengali Appetizer of Stewed Vegetables—Bengali Special Lunch Recipe


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  1. It all started with the koraishuti'r kochuri video…. And now I just can't stop watching them…. And funnily enough I don't even cook…. I'm just so much in love with your background music that I just can't stop watching your videos…

  2. Video quality out of the world experience better than any other cooking channel in india,very good recipes would be better if you showed yourself in front of camera rather than hands doing all the job .hope you would take my suggestions☺

  3. সুক্ততে কচু , মুলো ,বরবটি দেওয়া হয় ।।। ওগুলো দিলে আরও ভালো হবে 😊

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