Shrimp with Mushrooms in a Wine and Cream Sauce – French recipe/Bocuse


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  1. I've made a number of your recipes now—around 10-15—and all of them have been fantastic! This one in particular is something special, and is one of the best dishes I have ever made. It will not disappoint!

    My cooking has improved immeasurably since I found your channel. Thanks for your time and effort. You're doing everyone a great service by posting these sorts of recipes!

  2. No reason not to use MSG unless one is allergic 🙁
    Still tasted incredible; I was a bit squeamish about blending the shells (childhood trauma), but you cannot argue with the results!
    Thanks for all the lessons.

  3. I made this recipe with my girlfriend last night for Valentines day and it was incredible! I've now made 4 of your recipes, and they are easily the highest quality meals that I've ever made. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, it's much appreciated.

  4. S'novim godim!

    Wonderful recipe, great presentation and I appreciate the tips & tricks – moledietz!

    I lived in Siberia, in Tomsk, teaching English at the university for 2 years and actually enjoyed the dry cold: not as intense because of the low humidity. Russia was a delight because as an alternative to capitalism, the culture and required constant improvisation, modification & substitute. Your cooking videos by contrast, are clear and require no guesswork. This will be a great meal with which to greet the new year.

    I am so impressed with the videos that I bought your books (both) on Amazon – spaseeba!

  5. I too am a big fan and appreciate whet you do here a great deal. Is there an another teacher on youtube you care to recommend that may be as good as you are?
    Thanks so much and keep up the great work!!

  6. Whipped up this dish tonight paired with rice and a bottle of Champagne. ………. what great fun putting this together. Yes …… several stages of cooking but I love to do this when the mood hits me so I enjoyed it thoroughly. It came out quite good and my 8 year old daughter just loved it. I have two tips based on a few miss-steps on my end: (1) Buy good quality shrimp. I made the mistake of thinking Safeway in Norcal is still Safeway. They're not. The prawns were a bit gamey for my taste and overpowering. Since this dish is for the most part completely based on the prawns, make sure you are using a good quality. (2) Use the LOW setting on your broiler. I made the mistake of using the high setting and as a result, the tops of the bread were close to burned while the rest were not even brown. Not enough to ruin anything mind you ………but close. Overall a huge thumbs up ………….. thanks Gregor !!!!

  7. I've always wondered, why do you add an ingredient twice to a sauce, such as the case with the wine, or make two sauces that you're going to blend together later?

    In restaurant kitchens, did you guys really cook that few shrimp at a time? I always thought they just sauteed them over medium-high heat.

  8. Chef, this will be great, but as always, this home cook has questions. First off, if you had shrimp heads, would you add them or not? This looks great, I will be eating this asap, my son turns 19 on Thursday and he loves seafood. The last question I have chef, you used very pretty yellowish mushrooms, Chanterelle mushrooms? will you have any videos in the future using these mushrooms?

  9. This is right up my alley. I don't think I've ever had any sort of Mushroom/Shrimp combo. I love both. I'd try to make that this weekend but I'm making something from your formative years…Calzone..;-)

  10. It's 8am here in New York, but I have an urge to make this now! Looks delicious and based on ingredients and technique should be delicious!

    Chef, would you put a video or respond below for a proper care of the cast iron dish? I've had a few on the past but they just never seem to last and nothing would ever cook right!


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