SHRIMP SALAD RECIPE | Italian Food Recipes | Bronte Beach


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  1. Beautiful light prawn salad Vincenzo. I love the addition of pesto. I must make your version soon. I love your beach but my favorite beach in the world is Rainbow beach Qld. I think you would love it. If you ever decied to go, you could make a colourful salad on the beach in front of the coloured sands. That would be pretty cool 😀 Thank you as always dear. 🙂

  2. my favourite beach is Jamairah beach and Kite beach in DUBAI ! kite beach is amazing they do food festival's and food canteen , u can find so much kinds of food. what else? make sure to visit Dubai you'll have a lot of fun. and thank you for the recipe <3 

  3. Vincenzo don't worry about the parsley Salad looks appetising and this dressing must be delicious!!! Beautiful place !! S……on the beach !!!😉 I mean Salad on the beach 😋

  4. Absolutely not fair to enjoy that in front of me, knowing I am here in the dead of winter with months to go before I can have a picnic again.  But oh, my goodness, that looks so good, I don't want to wait until summer so I'll make some and enjoy it inside, sitting in a chair so I won't need the Fire Dept to get me off the floor.  Unless they send cute firemen, of course.

  5. I wish had such a beautiful scenery to film my video's.  Great recipe Vincenzo!   My favorite beach is Ocean City, MD USA but I haven't been to a lot of beaches.  

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