SHRIMP BISQUE Soup Recipe | Bart’s Fish Tales


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  1. uncle bart ! what if i use bigger shrimps to make this BISQUE soup with same process of this video, cause i can buy big shrimps for reasonable price then smaller one 😀

  2. I've made many shrimp and lobster bisque's but never added an egg or alcohol. I save my shrimp and lobster shells in the freezer until I have enough for soup. I'm going to try your egg and cream trick! Awesome video Bart!

  3. My grandma loves shrimp. I'm thinking about making this for her. I've never made bisque before. Thanks for bringing seafood out and showing people that you don't have to be afraid of it. cheers!

  4. Nice looking place to relax and cook, and a very nice looking soup. Good to know another recipe to use brown shrimp in, now you have introduced me to them. These places to go to what are the towns and markets like, do you happen to speak German too?. Another fascinating video, Thank you Bart.

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