Shaking Beef Recipe (Bo Luc Lac) | Vietnamese Recipes


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  1. Super dish. I know better the cambodian bay lok lak. The beef is exactly the same thing : fish, soy, oyster Sauce, garlic and pepper. The vegetables are White onion rings, tomatoes and lettuce. IT is served originally with white Rice but is so good with tomato rixe: you put Rice, tomato paste, pepper and salt in the residual juice that sticks to the bottom of the pan (from the meat)

  2. i was eating while listening to this and had to look up when you said bo luc lac, you pronounced it perfectly! when i hear thai sometimes i feel like it's similar to vietnamese

  3. OMG … I have been following you like forever but didn't know you can pronounce Vietnamese very well … actually better than me lol. Thank you so much for sharing the world Vietnamese Shaken Beef! Bò Lúc Lắc is our family favorite because it touches our soul, is simple to make, and is super yummy to eat. We normally eat our shaken beef with steamed rice and cucumber tomato lettuce (or tomato water crest) with honey vinaigrette so our shaken beef usually loaded with sauce. When I was living in California, I only used Rib Eyes or Filet Mignon. But now I live in the Midwest of Wisconsin, even the Flat Iron Steak will taste out of this world for this dish. Shaken Beef is a French influence dish so we like to marinate it with minced shallots, minced garlic, and crackled black pepper. There is no need for the black soy sauce either because on the hot wok, the beef will be seared with beautiful color. As for us, we don't put one by one cube in, we just add that whole bowl (since your portion is not that much) into the hot wok along with oil and butter and start stirring like mad 😉 for a few minutes then follow that with shaken the wok.

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