Shabushabu (Japanese Hot Pot Recipe)【これぞニッポンの肉料理】しゃぶしゃぶを家でしたよ。


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  1. when putting the mushrooms in soups, i've noticed that the patterns, either a cross or star pattern are cut into the top. is this done strictly for visual appeal or is there something more to it?

  2. I made my famous "nabe" today, my chicken noodle soup. It came out yummy! It has a lot of stock as well, so I will add more chicken tomorrow, and if there is still any left after that, I might put rice with it, yum!
    Yesterday, we found "French Garlic Sausages". We're up for pretty much any sausage, and we adore garlic, so we got them. They are also called Saucissons a l'Ail. I just cooked them in a pan til they had color, then steamed them and made sure the interior temperature was okay, because the color was still pink even at 170F. They were fine at that temp, and SOOOOO delicious! We will be having those again!

  3. Could you tell me if both of you make the food in the video or one? Because I see that both of you always seat together at the beginning of the video. Who's the main one? Can you tell me the role of each person in your channel? May be, i'm so curious. Thank you 🙂

  4. Thank you we love hot pots! I went to the Asian supermarket to get ingredients for hot pot and found everything plus some, I had no idea there were so many different soy sauces can you do a video just about the difference in the soy sauces? I bought 2 kinds shoyo and tamari but so many to choose from

  5. Loved these two videos! I wonder how Shabushabu and Yosenabe would taste using only the veggies that grows here in Italy, even if I'm pretty sure it would work just fine. I was thinking to try a hot pot since long agoe, but your warm videos really sparked the desire once again!
    P.S.: Shinichi, you have a PM on Twitter, if you didn't read it yet.

  6. yummy!!! it is so crazy to see that is winter on the other side of the planet, I just bought ingredients to make curry rice, I just love it, even in the summer

  7. What a great inspiration — I may make shabu-shabu this week! My mouth literally waters when you squeeze that lemon, just thinking of the ponzu sauce. Yum!! I think we've been cooking Shabu-shabu as Nabe instead since we don't have table stove, but we've been eating it like shabu-shabu, dipping the food into either ponzu or goma sauce (sadly store-bought since we don't have that fancy blender).

  8. Ok this brings back way too much memories! We love having hotpot in the winter, but England has been having such a mild winter this year, we've not even had it once yet! You guys have to come over to our house and have Chinese hotpot with us when you visit the UK!

  9. Im so a Fan of Hot Pot especially with Sichuan Peppercorns and Chilli broth is my Favourite but i never tried the Japanese one with Konbu ..I need to try it coz its so easy to make…So perfect in this cold Days..Im so jealous at you right now…Thumbs up you guys you gave me an idea what to do for the Family on the Weekend..

  10. Sinichi & Satoshi, it was great to see you using daikon radish, a vegetable I often use as a healthy substitute for potatoes. Swish, swish, oh how I would love your fabulous shabushabu! I appreciate the time you took to write out the detailed recipes! Nice job guys!

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